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Friday Reads.

J Crew's Fall Preview looked amazing! (via)

Happy Friday! I've made it through a pretty rough week (Midterms, yuck) and am excited for the weekend! I plan on watching Friends (I've got about 10 episodes left) and maybe starting a new show. Scandal and Psych are high on the list. Thoughts? Otherwise, I'll be up to my usual: working my retail job and online shopping. I've rounded up some of my favorite posts from the week for you to peruse this weekend, as these sorts of posts are usually my favorites. Here's what I'm loving:

If you missed the #thedress debate on Twitter last night, here's a recap. (I can see both? Confusing!)

This is the best Pinterest board I've ever seen. 

One of my favorite YouTubers, Ron Lit, made a great video reading some of her writings from her childhood. Hilarious!

Sabrina continues to enable me (as always) with her post on the new Burberry eyeshadows.

Yesterday I caught up on one of my favorite shows, Last Week Tonight w. John Oliver. So happy to see it got renewed for two more seasons! 

All of Chanel's new spring beauty line is beautiful, but I need this lipstick

Parks and Rec ended on Tuesday (I totally cried), but the cast's interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers is getting me through. 

How amazing is this keychain?

Taylor Swift, my eternal love, is killing it on Instagram lately.

If you ever want to dive into the world of indie cosmetics (which is amazing, by the way), this post on the /indiemakeupandmore subreddit is a great enabler.

Loved this look on Chassity. 

aaaaand here's my introductory post if you missed it!

Have a great weekend! 
Love, Anna


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