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Friday Reads.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! It's been a looooong week and I am so excited it's the weekend. Tomorrow I'm driving to Milwaukee with my best friend and her brother to see Bob's Burgers Live. We are so excited! I plan on spending my day today running around and doing errands in anticipation of my weekend "abroad". That's what I'll be up to-- you'll have to tell me your plans below. Till then, here's what I've been loving this week:

This look from Jacey has convinced me to finally buy that black blazer I've had on hold at work forever.

Claire's video always kick ass, and this one is no exception.

Everlane's new anorak is making me seriously swoon.

Loved this simple look from Grace.

Oven. Fried. Korean. Chicken. Tacos. YUM.

Rosianna has been killing in on Instagram lately.

Inspired by these wise words lately.

Excited to see Urban Outfitters picking up a more ethically conscious brand.

Kimi's boyfriend dressed her for a week and the results are different than what I expected!

This playlist is locked and loaded for my trip this weekend.

Love this new series of videos from Sandra and Dena.

Been on a BaubleBar kick! These (in blue) arrived in my mailbox this week but I totally want them in pink too. I've been eyeing these forever and these new ones look amazing.

This post made me want to give false lashes another try.

Baller makeup haul-er via Kristen.

Found this tank at H&M and it is the perfect beach cover up.

Whew! Lots of links this week. Hope you have a great weekend.


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