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Orly Rage + Nite Owl.

I love nail polish. However, I pick at my nails more often than I should. The combination of these two things leads to a lot of bare-nail-recovery-time and frequent polish changes. Polish have to be pretty great to withstand my incessant belittling on my nails-- enter Orly. This line of polishes has been on my radar and in my collection for years, but after a rebranding a few years ago I've had my interested peaked. When the brand went 2 for $12 at ULTA earlier in the month, I took the opportunity to grab two new bottles.

Rage, left, is arguably Orly's most famous color. It's rosy champagne-y silver-y hue had made its way around the internet and subsequently into my heart. I've had a bottle in my possession since '10 and it was about time I picked up a new one. You need it. Nite Owl, right, is a new one to me and happened to be right next to Rage. It's taupe-y beige-y color is something I already have adequately represented in my arsenal-- but I just can't say no to these colors. They're the perfect wear anywhere and to anything as they're subtle enough for the office but unique enough to impress your friends for a night out. Just, the best.

Bottom line, Orly polishes are opaque in two coats or less, shiny without a top coat, and last fairly well on my finicky nails. Next time they're on a deal at ULTA, you should def pick up a bottle or two.


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