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Blackbird Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadows.

Let's talk about makeup! I love makeup. I have since I was thirteen. I think I always will. Putting on my makeup is one of my favorite parts of my day as it's a time for me to experiment and be creative and just, well, have fun! I have become fairly well versed when it comes to matters of makeup, so today I figured I would show you a new addition to my eyeshadow collection: Blackbird mattes.

Blackbird is a small, one woman company run by the lovely Maleah, who has been nothing but kind during my interactions with her. While she also has a diverse collection of contour powders and sprinkling of finishing powders, the stars of her collection are her matte eyeshadows.

She has quite the collection of subtle, neutral colors that are anything but boring, and for someone who has a collection large enough that redundancies are something I try hard to avoid, I so appreciate that sentiment. I currently have ten of her full sized shadows in my arsenal and a few samples laying around (and I may have another order en route to me at the moment). They are pigmented with or without a base, easy to blend, and here's the kicker-- they do. not. crease. Ever! Fellow oily eyelid-ed folks rejoice! They are by far the best matte formula I have ever tried, and I've tried a lot of eyeshadow.

Immortals is a color I use all over my lid to keep any shadows I layer on top from creasing. Half Full is the perfect highlight color. Dog Days is a beautiful, warm brown crease shade and is only heightened when adding Gravity to the outer-v. Juliet is probably my favorite of the bunch: a warm midtone beige pink that is just the best lid color. While I have my favorites, you really cannot go wrong with any color from this wonderful line. Below is a pretty typical look for me using these shadows.

Dim Tradition on the lid, Dog Days in the Crease, Ruca on the lower lashline, and Half Full as a highlight

All in all, I love Blackbird. They make some of the best eyeshadows on the market and at $6 a pop, they are a much have in anyone's bag. While the loose formula may take a bit getting used to for those unaccustomed, their ease of application makes them foolproof for any makeup wearer-- novice, n00b, or otherwise.

You can purchase Blackbird through their Etsy shop or via their new website.

Striped Intentions has no affiliation with Blackbird Cosmetics. All opinions are my own. 


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