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Happy Friday! This week could not have gone any slower. That might be because I leave for Florida tomorrow night... but maybe just because this week was looooong. Today I'm taking my last (belated) midterm and having lunch with a friend. I started Empire last night-- my dad has been raving about it for weeks-- and I love the three episodes I've watched so far. Jamal, right? So good.

While I might be away for the next 6 days, I do have a full week of posts-- pretty good ones too! I'll be back with another Friday Reads next week, but I'll be all over Instagram sharing the sun with you. Until then, here's my favorite posts of the week!

This look from Grace is pretty much my daily uniform.

Love this mantra.

Emily's Instagram is just so beautiful. I adore it.

Discovered this beautiful collection of wedding dresses this week and I'm in love with this one.

This video from Veronica is a great, new look at an important issue.

A beautiful coat for under $40.

Sandra's OOTDs are always the best.

This lookbook from Liz showed off some of my favorite places in the city.

Olan and Jake put up a new episode of their hilarious video series this week.

How cute is this pic?!?

That's all for me! Have a great week and weekend.


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Striped Intentions is laying on your bed, soaking in the sunlight. It's the shadows made by the blinds, lined up and down the sheets. It's wearing a striped shirt every day and not giving a damn. It's the constant search for "effortless chic"-- whatever that is-- and taking care of what you present to the world.
Too, Striped Intentions is a place to feel at home. No matter what you look like or feel like or do with your life, it's a space to appreciate life and all it's tiny details. It's having the best intentions with everything-- as striped with flaws as they may be.