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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks.

I love lipstick. It's just the best! Such an opinion leads me to trying pretty much every lipstick on the market, and the drugstore is no exception. However, I've always had a bit of an issue with the scent of some drugstore lipsticks, as you can often end up with Grandma In a Tube rather than a pleasant aroma. And while scent isn't the only thing worth value in a lipstick, it is enough to keep me picky with my choices. Despite my finicky nature, I finally got around to trying these lipsticks from Maybelline-- and they are awesome.

Firstly, these bad boys smell like vanilla! Scent success! Also, these lipsticks come in about a million colors and finishes. There really, truly, is something for everyone. The best part is that their collections are broken up my color, so you head to your desired color destination and narrow it down from there. I have five in my arsenal right now I am have successful satisfied my curiosity for these bad boys. They are totally pigmented, last all day, and comfortable to wear. What more can you ask for?

Color-wise, I've kept it pretty safe. I have two of the mattes, seen in the mauve-y packaging above. Touch of Spice blew up on the internet this fall and with good reason; it truly is the perfect Fall color: matte brick-y red. Lust for Blush, on the other hand, is the perfect Spring color. I often have a hard time pulling off true pink lipsticks, but this one is so easy to wear. Midtoned, rosy pink with a matte finish. Stop searching for the perfect everyday shade-- this is it. The newest collection in this range is the Rebel Bloom collection, lilac packaging seen above, and I have one color: Blushing Bud. This is a perfect My-Lips-But-Better shade on me, so it is essential in my collection. This one is a bit, almost, sticker than the other ones, but it's truly sticky-- hope that makes sense. Still awesome, nonetheless. Pink Wink is a departure for me but still a classic color. A shimmery dark pink is an essential in anyone's collection, and while I don't find myself reaching for this shade super often, it is still one that I very much enjoy. Lastly, the I tried a color from the Vivid collection, Hot Plum, and it sold me so much I might have to get them all. It's an beautiful, hot hot pink with a very cool pull, but I'd call it more a pink than a plum. This guy wore all. day. through an 8 hour retail shift and multiple snack times. It also stained my lips the same color as the actual lipstick, which is harder to find than you'd think! I love this lipstick and will def be picking up more of the vivids.

That's it! Buy these lipsticks. They're awesome.


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