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Friday Links // 2.19.2016

Happy Friday! It's been a long week. February is taking its sweet time with me and I'm not really appreciating it! After seven days jam packed with project after group project after project, I'm ready to spend my weekend forgetting about class as much I can (at least until Sunday night).

It's supposed to be gorgeous here in Chicago all weekend-- it's nearly 60 degrees as I type this-- so I'm hoping to soak it in via the revival of flats in my wardrobe. Oh how I've missed them!

Otherwise, it's been a pretty low key in my neck of the woods. Here's what I've been loving this week:

Loved this cute quiz on the Pantone Colors of the Year (I'm Rose Quartz).

If I worked in an office, this outfit from Crystalin would be my uniform.

This necklace looks way more expensive than $16.

Yesterday I popped into Old Navy for a return, but walked out with denim in a brighter hue for spring. PS. Their revamped jeans are amazing. I have three pairs already.

This post from Lee is a great approach to minimizing your wardrobe. Has me itching to keep working on my capsule!

My favorite to-do list app has come majorly in handy this week. #weekseven

After this post from Jess, I've been on a huge Trader Joe's kick! That spinach and kale dip is to die for.

I signed up for JustFab last week and am impressed with my first two pairs of shoes so far! I picked up these fun black flats and these Loeffler Randall look-a-likes.

I need this hilarious card.

If you aren't watching The 100, you must. It's insane in the absolute best way.

And last but not least, this album is going to be my soundtrack for the weekend. Oldie but a goodie!


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