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Small Goals // February.

I'm a big goal setter, often . There's nothing more fun than setting your standards high and dreaming big, but often it falls a bit flat. After years of lots of lists and little action, I've found myself wanting to focus on the simpler things: enter small goals.

Nicole has one of my favorite blogs on the Internet, mostly because she does something I try to do all the time-- everything. It's one of the biggest things I learned about myself last year, my intense need to do it all, and it's something I still struggle with to this day. Writes Like a Girl is a little bit of everything too, just like this little blog I'm chugging away at here.

Wiser than I am in many ways, Nicole especially prospers in terms of her small goals. She sets herself five monthly goals to hone in on and complete. I love that, for a) is there anything better than crossing items off a list? and b) it narrows my "do everything" focus to things that are achievable and realistic-- exactly what I need.

So, in the spirit of Nicole, here are my five small goals for February.

1 // Read a damn book. 
One of my six goals for 2016 is to read 12 books, one each month, but I feel a bit flat on that front in January. For February, I need to pick one up, even if it's just a graphic novel for an afternoon.

2 // Do my taxes.
I'm right here with Nicole on this one! It's pretty self explanatory and I just need to get it done.

3 // Apply for FASFA and loans.
While I may be proactive in some parts of my life, I am horrible about school paperwork. Even though my school loving called me at 7 am on January 8th to remind me to apply for FAFSA, it's been almost a month and it hasn't happened, likewise with my student loans. I'm making this a small goal so I can hold myself accountable and just get. it. done.

4 // No fast food.
This is a tough one for me, embarrassingly so. During my time at community college I rarely stopped through a drive through, but suddenly, as soon as I transferred to my four year university it became at least one of my meals a day. I'm a pretty busy person, but not busy enough to skip packing a lunch.

The only exceptions I'll make for this rule are drinks, as I do enjoy a Diet Coke from McDonald's or a bit of Starbucks between classes. But otherwise, enough is enough!

5 // Wear a Real Outfit every day. 
Maybe a bit of a lame goal, but one I'd like to achieve nonetheless! I'd like to style together outfits at the beginning of the week and wear them throughout, allowing me to look as I'd like without the extra time in the morning. Especially with Chicago's current "heat wave", being cute shouldn't be too hard this month!


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