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Small Goals // August.

Long time no small goals! I'm hoping to get back on track and a great last full month of summer. I head back for my last year of my undergrad on September 12th (eek!), so I need to get some things done while I can!

1 // Relax at my cousin's wedding. 
This weekend my cousin is getting married to his girlfriend of many years-- and she also just so happens to be one of my favorite people. I'm doing her and others' makeup for the event and am already stressing a bit. I'd like to remain calm during the whole prep time, but also allow myself to have a good time and not be so self aware during the reception. Here's hoping!

2 // Consign or donate my clothes. 
I have a laundry basket full of clothes I want to sell, although I have no idea what to do with them. I'm had some lacklustre experiences selling to ThredUp (a gigantic bag stuffed to the brim and only $10? Really!?) and the thought of Poshmark is daunting within itself. I'm thinking I'll try some in my area, but nonetheless I'd like to get it done!

3 // Limit my Diet Coke to one (or none) a day. 
Pretty self explanatory-- just needs to be done!

4 // Limit fast food to twice a week. 
Also self explanatory and seriously sad that I have made this such a bad habit.

5 // Work out 10 times total. 
If you couldn't tell, August is get fit month for me! I haven't been in the habit or working out in a million years, so twice a week is even a lofty goal for me. I'm hoping I can get my butt in gear and make my health a larger part of my life!


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Too, Striped Intentions is a place to feel at home. No matter what you look like or feel like or do with your life, it's a space to appreciate life and all it's tiny details. It's having the best intentions with everything-- as striped with flaws as they may be.