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Small Goals // September.

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I cannot believe it's already September! They say the older you get the faster time goes, but this year is seriously flying. I know things have a been a little quiet around these parts, but I've still been working towards my goals for August. Here's how I did last month:

1 // Relax at my cousin's wedding. 
Success! Besides a minor anxiety meltdown early on in the day, I was able to have a good time at the reception, which I was most worried about. It might been helped by the handful of drinks I had, but nonetheless I had a good time-- which was the goal anyway!

2 // Consign or donate my clothes. 
Major success! I ended up selling a large chunk of my clothes on Poshmark and have already reaped the benefits. I still have quite a few items up for sale and I have a bag of clothes to take over to Goodwill, but I am so happy I've moved so many unworn clothes out of my life!

3 // Limit my Diet Coke to one (or none) a day. 
This was not 100% success but it's definitely been better. We no longer keep cans in the house, so it's something I reserve for a drive thru a-la other's Starbucks or a dinner out. I'm happy with how well I've done so I'll call it a success!

4 // Limit fast food to twice a week. 
Fail. I find myself getting frustrated that the only option that's A) open all hours and therefore works with my work schedule and B) cheap for food is fast food. With my lifestyle it's so easy to hop in a drive thru but I know it's going to catch up to me and catch up bad. This is something I'm going to be continuing to work on as it's something I'm really focusing on right now.

5 // Work out 10 times total. 
Major fail! I worked out 1 time and gave up afterwards. This is something I'd like to work on in September!

Three out of five is not so bad! Here's what I'm planning on for the month of September:

1 // Make my bed every day. 
This is such a simple day to make me feel productive every single day. I've been pretty good with this so far, but I'd like to really solidify the habit this month!

2 // Work out 1-2 times a week.
With my fail on this front last month, I'd like to keep this around from September. I think looking at things week by week might be more helpful-- hopefully I can be successful in the fitness front this month!

3 // Pack a lunch 5x a week. 
Instead of focusing on not eating fast food, I want to focus on what exactly I should be eating. I have two long school days where I have a 2 hours break between classes for lunch and I'd like to stick to home packed meals on these days, plus my usual weekend home packed meals. 

4 // Sort out my book situation. 
Now that I have my excess clothing under control, it's time to tackle the other skeleton in my closet-- quite literally. I have multiple bags of old books that I either need to take to my local used bookstore to sell or drop off at Goodwill. Either way, they've been sitting in my closet for more than a year and I just need to get it done already!

5 // No more shopping for clothes.
My capsule wardrobe experiment started September 1st (blog post coming soon!), so not shopping goes hand in hand with my new clothing "lifestyle". I've already been bad and grabbed a few pieces to add to my capsule (a bit late), so I'm cutting things off here. I am on the hunt for a new winter coat, so that's my old exception to this rule!

That's it for my goals this month. What are yours?


  1. Love your goals for this coming month. September always inspires me big time, and I hope you feel that same motivation! I could certainly work on making my bed everyday though...!




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