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Friday Links // 10.14.2016.

Happy Friday! I'm headed out of a great week that ended of this pretty great weather. The best part? I survived midterms pretty unscathed! My birthday is on Saturday, so I'll be cozying up all weekend with friends and family and enjoying some much needed me time. With that said, here's what I've been loving this week:

Not gonna lie, I'm totally stalking this bag as the price drops.  Love the red, but I'm dreaming of all three colors!

Alexa Chung always nails it (duh!), but I especially want to wear this outfit every. day.

It's leather jacket season again and you know who has the best ones? Target.

Speaking of Target, I think I'm finally going to pull the trigger on these amazing heels that look waaaaaay more expensive than they really are. 

How perfect is this pop of color on Hallie?

I'm trying to be good with the Shopbop sale (did you see my roundup from yesterday?)-- so far I've only bought this goes-with-everything tee, but this perfect everyday bag is in my cart.

If I had the time to make ice cream I would be all over this easy recipe. 

Still loving this affordable wallpaper round up from Jess.

Getting major scarf inspiration from Nicole in this look.

You all need to treat yourself to this pick-your-own haircare set. It's the perfect travel companion, but for jetsetter or homebody alike the savings are insane.

And last but not least, a jam for your weekend.

See you soon!


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