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Friday Links / 10.21.16.

Happy Friday! It;s been a long week in my neck of the woods-- needless to say I'm pretty happy its almost the weekend! I've got a surprise party for my aunt on Saturday and a date with my laptop and textbook on Sunday night, so things are getting a little crazy around these parts. I'm looking forward to next week-- but until then, here's what I've been loving this week.

Sale alert: The MAC Trolls collection is 60% off right now. If you can handle the crazy packaging, you can get some insane deals. I picked up this pretty glitter and this subtle highlighter.

Loved this series on meditation in real life.

This cozy piece is at the top of my wishlist right now. Pretty sure I'll wear it on repeat alllll winter.

I've got total heart eyes for this all black outfit on Emily.

A good (and often much needed!) reminder.

Caroline is the queen of effortless cool girl chic. This look is no exception!

A collection of cool book covers.

Swooning over this wear-with-everything suede crossbody bag.

Considering an art ledge for my future abode.

This post from Grace has me majorly crushing on some Grana pieces-- those pants!

I love a good tassel keychain and this one is just so fun (and on sale!).

Good to know.

Snatch up this amazing sweater if your size is still left-- so chic and under $50!

Love this post on dressing motivation from Caroline.

I am obsessed with this look from Liz. Who knew a maxi skirt could look so cool?

I bought these shoes this week and I am obsessed. So, so comfy.

Can this be my kitchen, please?

In case you missed it, this week on the blog: floppy hats, Loeffler Randall sale picks, home design inspiration, and another installment of art admiration.

And last but not least, a jam for your weekend.

Have a good weekend!



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