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One Sweater, Three Ways.

One of my person requirements when buying new pieces is simple: I have to be able to wear it three different ways. I thought I'd put this mentality into motion with a new series, starting today with this great cheap-and-cheerful sweater from H&M. I show you three different ways to wear a piece-- ranging from basics to statement makers-- in ways that I would really recreate in real life. Here's what I've come up with for today:

The Night Out

While a sweater may seem like a casual only piece, I think knitwear can be elevated easily. Paired with a tailored skinny pant, classic nude heels, and a fun pop of colorful jewelry, a simple ribbed knit can move from a coffee run companion to ladies night out stunner.

Sweater (Exact) / Pants (Exact, Under $50) / Heels (Similar) / Necklace (Similar)

The Every Day

For everyday, there's nothing better than a t-shirt and jeans. By replacing your tee with a cozy sweater and your typical jeans with a modern, distressed pair keeps the look from being anything but predictable. Pair it back with a fun patterned flat and a simple long necklace and you're good to go for pretty much anything!

Sweater (Exact) / Pants (Super Similar, Under $40) / Flats (Exact, Under $25) / Necklace (Exact)

The In Between

Finding the in between with style can be hard, as it's easy to go both full glam and and full pajamas. Anything inside that spectrum-- that's a challenge! To create the perfect "I tried just the right amount" outfit, pair your classic cream knit with a comfy ankle pant. The inseam length dresses up the look instantly, but when paired with a neutral, heeled ankle boot and a beautiful scarf, you're untouchable.

Sweater (Exact) / Pants (Similar, Under $30) Boots (Exact, Under $50) / Scarf (Similar)


So, that's my three! I've linked as much as I can above, as well as including a bunch of great cream sweaters below, if you're in the market. That said-- what do you think? What would be your three?


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