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Small Goals // October.

Another month, another set of small goals! September was not my best month for goal, but fall is always busy for me so I don't feel too bad about my lack of success. That said, here's how I did last month:

1 // Make my bed every day. 
Success! This is such a simple goal but one that makes me feel so productive. Love that this is apart of my daily routine.

2 // Work out 1-2 times a week.

Fail. It'll happen when it needs to. At least, that's what I keep telling myself!

3 // Pack a lunch 5x a week. 

Fail. I actually have changed my eating habits this month in a different way, so I'm not too disappointed about this one.

4 // Sort out my book situation. 

Ahhhh, nope. This one slipped away from me. Honestly, it's such a daunting thought to drag all of my books to the used book store that I haven't even thought about it much. Oops!

5 // No more shopping for clothes.

Okay, so this is a technical fail but I'm so happy with my shopping habits this month that I'm gonna call it a win. I only grabbed a few pieces (that I really love!) and am feeling really good about my relationship with clothing. So, win?

Okay, 2 out of 5-- not horrible but not great. I wasn't nearly as in tune with my small goals this month as I have been in the past. It happens. Here's what's on my plate for October.

1 // Continue with Weight Watchers and only skip 2 days this month. 
So, as I alluded, I changed my eating habits this month as I joined Weight Watchers! My dad convinced me to do it and things have been really go so far. I hit a 3 week slump and fell off the track but I'm back in check and am feeling good. I hope to keep this us (and well) this whole month!

2 // Spend more time listening.
I watch a lot of things, mostly YouTube and TV shows. While I do want to keep up with things-- Brooklyn 99 is back, I need to start This is Us, and I am knees deep in a Big Love binge watch-- I want to spend some quality time with Spotify and my podcast app. It's a nice change of pace and one I'm hoping to really enjoy this month.

3 // Find a really cool hat. 
I never thought I could be a hat person, but after a haircut featuring some new bangs, I've been feeling this hat trend. I'm hoping to locate either a cute and classic baseball hat or a cool felt floppy hat. I'll be sure to share my finds with you as they come!

That's it! I'm keeping it short and sweet for the month because I've got a lot going on school and work wise. 

What are your goals for October?


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