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Friday Links / 12.16.16

Happy Friday! This week felt like forever-- anybody else feel this? To top it off it's finally winter in Chicago (read: it's freezing!) and it's looking like I'll be spending the parts of my weekend that I'm not working under a million blankets. Anyway, here's what I've been loving this week.

Love this bright look from Nicole.

If you've ever wanted to read Darling Magazine, this is a great deal.

A quick and easy DIY for the holidays.

I binged this fascinating YouTube series this week-- so good!

How gorgeous is this jewelry display?

This might be beyond my baking skills, but I totally want to try this pretzel recipe.

To remember.

This look from Jane is a great unexpected take on holiday dressing.

I've had my eye on this liquid bronzer for awhile-- perfect for winter skin!

A great guide for layering.

The reviews on this hair turban are amazing and now I totally want to try it.

Digging this pretty wallpaper.

The foodie guide I never knew I needed: wine and popcorn pairings.

I bookmarked this post for later.

The only eyeshadow you need for New Year's.

Love this post on parings of earring and updos.

New on my wishlist.

This is how I'll be decorating for the holidays-- understated, but still festive.

And last but not least, a jam for your weekend.

Have a good weekend!



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