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Friday Links / 12.30.16

The last Friday links of the year (!!!). I've had a really good week of catching up with friends, watching Netflix-- I'm marathoning Grey's Anatomy right now, it's amazing-- and gearing up for the new year. Tomorrow I'm throwing a NYE party for a few of my friends and could not be more excited. That's pretty much it from these parts, so I hope you have a fantastic weekend and an even better new year. See you (and a bigger and better Striped Intentions!) in 2017.

My mantra for 2017.

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is going on now and I second all of Chassity's picks.

I am obsessed with this outfit from Kim (that coat!).

This bracelet might just be the perfect way for me to embrace the banada trend.

Some of the best interior design I've seen this year.

Madewell has 30% off their sale (I'd buy this and this), but I'm swooning over some of their new pieces: this perfect date night top, this cozy cardi, and this gorgeous dress.

Love Liz's tips on building a quality wardrobe.

This. rug!

I'm excited about these new haircare releases from L'oreal!

Wear-with-anything booties (in a great color!)

I added so many items to my wishlist after reading Sabrina's best beauty discoveries of the year.


This look from Jess is what I would wear if I was going out on NYE.

Would you do a pink bathroom?

And last but not least, a jam for your weekend.



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