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Last Minute (Literally) Gifts.

Happy Tuesday! It's the final countdown-- Christmas is in 5 days!-- and I'm sure you have a few people on your list that slipped right by you without you even noticing. But since we've all had our "Oh, shit!" moment for That One Person We Forgot About, I thought I'd help you out with a couple of suggestions in the book department. I love gifting books, as too many of us fail to splurge on the little luxuries ourselves and they're often easy to make incredibly thoughtful. Here are nine options for you to grab on Amazon Prime with one day shipping to have them on your door by Thursday (#notsponsored). Done and Done!

A kick of girl power inspiration

Enlightening favorites that inspire as much ass-kicking as the recipients do.

On my personal list and for your girl-gang-loving, entrepreneurial-spirit-having bestie 

For your artsy fartsy pal who's too hard on themselves

For your one friends who is way too smart for their own good (or whose a kick ass woman in STEM) 

A sprinkle of kitchen motivation

Picks with a bit of persuasion to spice things up in the kitchen, for foodie and food-inept friend alike.

For the one friend who's always having people over

For those besties-who-are-also-roommates or your favorite couple

For the person that always makes you their personal taste tester

A dash of daily celebration

Coffee table loves for the most stylish people in your life.

For any pal who has a designer version of something that definitely doesn't need to be designer.

For your besties who's still obsessed with Disney (we all have one!)

For the girl who always looks amazing no matter what time of day

Best of luck!


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