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Small Goals / December.

Hi... It's been awhile! The last month of my term was crazy and blogging got away from me a little bit. But I'm here! And I'm doing my small goals for December. This has been a weird month for me the past few years, as it's one where I'm completely off of school and tasting a bit of what my life will be like post graduation. I'm excited to get things done, so here's what's on my plate.

1 | Continue to make my mental health a priority.
The later half of this year has been dedicated to getting myself the help I need in the brain department. I've been seeing a therapist for about six months now and have already seen a difference-- and, without oversharing, I've taken some other steps lately too to help me on this front. I hope to continue to have success on this front throughout the month!

2 | See all the people I need to see.
With everyone being home from school, I have a lot of people to see! I hope to catch up with a lot of my friends I haven't seen in a loooong time and also make room for my "regular" friends too. I'm not huge on Christmas, but I love the togetherness it inspires and hope to really celebrate that this month.

3 | Figure out this whole blogging thing. 
I love blogging, I really do, and I spend far too much time on the internet to not contribute to it. For me, it's not even about page views or popularity (been there and done that on YouTube-- it's exhausting), but rather it's about consistency, creativity, and challenging myself. I know blogging will be way easy post-graduation, but I've still got almost six months left and a lot of scheduling to figure out.

4 | Read a book. 
One of my goals for 2016 was to read twelve books... yeah, about that. If I can knock out one this month, that would be great!

That's it for December! I'll be linking up with Nicole, as always. Be sure to let me know your goals for this month in the comments below.

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