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The Monday After.

Happy Monday-- that Monday. Whether you spent your weekend gather around the Christmas tree or the menorah, you're probably exhausted and wanting to ease your way back into the real world. Or, you're in my boat and are heading back to work today like nothing was ever different. Either way, here are 6 things from the internet to brighten your Monday:

Still obsessing over this office makeover.

Why we compare ourselves on social media. Interesting!

The prettiest pink heels for NYE and beyond.

I'm itching to bake these.

Stripes + merino wool = I just ordered this.

The best way to brighten any day-- donate. I recommend This Star Won't Go Out.

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Striped Intentions is laying on your bed, soaking in the sunlight. It's the shadows made by the blinds, lined up and down the sheets. It's wearing a striped shirt every day and not giving a damn. It's the constant search for "effortless chic"-- whatever that is-- and taking care of what you present to the world.
Too, Striped Intentions is a place to feel at home. No matter what you look like or feel like or do with your life, it's a space to appreciate life and all it's tiny details. It's having the best intentions with everything-- as striped with flaws as they may be.