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2016 In Review.

Last year I shared my six resolutions for 2016 with much excitement-- I love New Year's Resolutions. Really, I love any kind of goal setting, hence my small goals series and my constant pensive state (I kid!). I thought I'd spend some time reflecting on last year before I share my goals for 2017 next week. Here are my six goals:

Be kinder to my body.

This was a major win for me. This year was actually a year of weight gain, something I haven't done in a few years. I blame it on the Sephora 15-- all new employees to the company tend to put on a few pounds due to the big, flowy tunics we wear-- but even despite it, I was able to show compassion to myself about it and not get too upset.

I mentioned in the post that it was about more than just my actual body, so I'm happy to say I've seen success in those places too! My skincare game has improved dramatically (probably due to my time working in the world of skin) and I've seen a lot of great successes with my mental health as I started seeing a therapist this past summer. This is something I will continue to work on, but the grace I gave my physical self this year has made me tremendously proud of myself.

Solidify my wardrobe.

Another win! I have so much less clothing than I did before, as fully enjoy rotating through it all as the seasons go by. There's something really fun about pulling out certain pieces with the seasons rather than having them get stale sitting in my closet all year. I sold a bunch of my clothes on Poshmark but am a bit exhausted with the process, so I'll be sending somethings out to ThredUp (one of my faves!) and donating the rest. I keep toying with the idea of really committing the a capsule, so stay tuned to see if I venture into that territory later this year!

Spend and save money with more purpose.

...Not the biggest success here, I can't lie. I really have no excuse and not much to lament on besides the fact that I'm just bad with money and am the type of person to just buy the things I want! I have big plans to get out of my parent's house in 2017, so you'll see more of my money saving ways in the future.

Make one big splurge for my birthday.

This is an easy one, but one that I love doing for myself nonetheless. I bought a beautiful cognac suede bag from Ganni in the Shopbop sale, which always falls right around my birthday. It is unfortunately sold out (this is the closest thing I can find on their website), but I'm sure you'll see it around these parts soon.

Spend more time and effort on my education.

Winner, winner! My winter and spring trimesters were not my greatest, but I pulled it together in the fall and had a great term. Not only did I earn my first two A's at my new school (finally!), but I also felt like a Real College Student for the first time. I grew a great friendship with a classmate, explored more of campus, and all in all feel more and more in love with my great little campus. I'm excited to head back and knock my last two terms out of the park!

Read twelve books.

Ha, what a fail! I am so bad about reading lately, which is weird because I never used to be-- I even had a whole YouTube channel dedicated to books. I read two great books for my conflict resolution class last term, this one being very accessible and a great read for those in need of developing their negotiation skills. I did buy a lot of books this year, so hopefully next year I'll actually crack them open!

That's it for 2016! It was a bit of a rocky year for many, myself included (especially at the end there!), so I'm looking forward to a better and brighter 2017. I'll be sharing my goals for this year next Monday, but look out for my January small goals on Thursday!


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