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Well, it's here. 2017. To be honest, it kind of snuck up on me, but I also feel like 2016 was a little too long. I'll spare you on the whining about last year (I'm sure you've seen enough of it on your Facebook feed) and instead, I'm sharing my goals for this year. I shared my six resolutions from last year on Monday, so sticking with that number-- here's what I have planned for this year:

Spend and save money with more purpose.

This one of my two repeat goals, mostly because being bag with money will always be my biggest vice. I blame it on the fact that I'm young and don't really have any bills to pay, but that will definitely be changing in 2017. Towards the end of the year my student loans will roll in, I'll (hopefully) be paying rent, and who knows what else will come my way bill wise. So, it's time to woman up and save up!

The second part to this, spending money with purpose, is more aimed at what I'm buying and how. I'd like to make more donations to charity-- which I love doing, but don't do often enough-- and spend the money that I am spending supporting small businesses IRL and online.

Get my health in check.

Ah, the stereotypical resolution. I don't have any grand plans for a strict diet or an intense workout routine, but I'm hoping (especially post-grad) to get some of these things kicked into high gear and make my health a priority.

Make more time for my creativity.

A fun one! Once again, this is something that will probably come more into play after I graduate in June, but is something I'm making time for now with this blog. This space is such a great outlet for me, as I find a lot of joy in not only writing, but choosing and designing other elements of the blog as well. Too, I think a lot of this effort will be channeled into decorating my new house/apartment, whenever that comes around. I cannot wait to be a little Emily Henderson wanna-be in the flesh. Eeek!

Continue to make my mental health a priority.

This is a sub-goal from last year made a major goal this year. As I mentioned in my January small goals post on Thursday, this is something I have already been working on but hope to continue. I've been seeing a therapist since last June and have already had great progress with my anxiety and depression on a daily basis. Here's to more of this!

Read twelve books.

My second repeat of the year: read more books! One book a month isn't so bad, and (not to beat a dead horse) but post graduation I think this may be a lot easier. I have so many books to read in my possession already and I hope to share many of them on the blog with you!

Move out (!!!).

I'm a commuter student, which means I've lived at home four more years than the average college student. This also means that I'm going crazy living in my parents' house. While I don't have things finalized, I'm hoping (and praying) that 2017 is the year I get out of the house. I'll keep you posted!

Well, that's it for me this year! I plan to update you on how things are going later this year, but until then: what are your resolutions this year?



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