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Friday Links / 1.27.17

Happy Friday! We've made it through another week and are headed into another great weekend. The temperature is set to drop over the next couple days, so I'll be bundling up between writing papers-- somehow it's already midterms! That's pretty much it from these parts (January is always rather quiet for me) but get excited for a whole new round of content next week and have an amazing weekend too!

I stayed pretty quiet about political things last week, but know that I adored seeing all the amazing women marching across the world. I so wish I could have been out there with them! On that note, this overview of it all is so cool to see.

Love is love is love is love.

I want this sweater in every color.

Pretty sure this is the perfect errand running outfit.

48 hours in Copenhagen.

Splurge worthy: all of the Laura Mercier holiday collection is 40% off.

Would you live in a pink house?

In my Sephora cart right now: a new lip option, a pretty fragrance, and (supposedly) the best dry shampoo.

Need to make dinner? This post is genius and will totally help you out.

Love this roundup of winter coats.

A fun (and useful!) DIY.

The prettiest blush scarf that's $25-- score!

Some interesting thoughts on hygge-- I'm doing a speech on this trend this term!

I'm obsessed with this smokey eye tutorial.

And last but never least, a (slow) jam for your weekend.



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