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Loving Lively

Have you heard about the new lingerie company Lively? They're a new brand to the under-things world, but they're already making a major impact. Between offerings of gorgeous (yet comfy!) bras and bralettes as well as cute undies, Lively is all about celebrating real women through their pieces. What could be better? I've had some bralettes in my cart for a few weeks now, so I decided to gather together and few of my favorite options for up top. I'm definitely thinking I have to place my order soon!
Lively bras fit sized 30A to 38D and are only $35. Shop all bralettes here and let me know your favorite in a comment. 


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Striped Intentions is laying on your bed, soaking in the sunlight. It's the shadows made by the blinds, lined up and down the sheets. It's wearing a striped shirt every day and not giving a damn. It's the constant search for "effortless chic"-- whatever that is-- and taking care of what you present to the world.
Too, Striped Intentions is a place to feel at home. No matter what you look like or feel like or do with your life, it's a space to appreciate life and all it's tiny details. It's having the best intentions with everything-- as striped with flaws as they may be.