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New Year Bedding Refresh

If you're like me, the flipping on the calendar to a new year always has you itching for change and fueled with heaps of motivation. Those two things together often leave to me completing lots of odds and ends project (yesterday I assembled this and organized all of my gift wrapping supplies!), one of those project often centering on the bedroom. H&M Home is one of the most underrated decor retailers in the States, as it's pretty popular overseas-- and with good reason. All of the pieces manage to be totally on trend and cheap and cheerful. What could be better? I've shared a duvet under $50 I love and a handful of accessories to go with, all under $25 (minus that luxe pink throw) to spice up your space.

Have you ever purchased from H&M Home?

Shop my picks:

duvet (so chic! and a great price)


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