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On My Radar

Every single day, we all see and hear about loads of new things-- everything from media to print to objects to whatever-- and somehow we're supposed to make sense of it all! Enter this series on the blog, a new way to sort through the wild world that's out there by sharing six things that have flown over my radar as of late. These are things I am going to or am thinking about consuming/buying/watching/etc-- so here they are for you!

From top left, clockwise:

baggu Circle Bag

This gorgeous suede bag in Ruby has been on my wishlist for awhile now. I love the unique but still timeless geometric shape, the fun color, and the simple silver hardware. It would go with everything in my closet-- now I just need to bit the (reasonably priced, at $150) bullet!

The Good Place

I pretty much worship the group Mike Schur walks on (Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Rec, anybody?), so his new show starring Kristen Bell is high on my list of currently airing shows to pick up. I've caught the endings of a few episodes and it seems fun and just my type of humor, so I might have to binge this one pretty darn soon. 

BaubleBar Metallic Crispin Drops

New statement earring trends pop up every few months, it seems this "ball and chain" style is the new It accessory. BaubleBar is my usual stop for embracing any jewelery trend, so these silver babes seem like a great way to add a little sparkle to the every day.

Happy Folk on Spotify

I'm all about making my own playlist, so rarely do I venture out into the "browse" tap on Spotify. However, last week I was studying in the library and looking for something to listen to on the daily: enter Happy Folk. It's the perfect mix of mellow but somehow still upbeat tunes that act as a great background for homework, driving, or blog post writing. I'm obsessed.

Keytags by Various Projects

You've probably seen these keytags anywhere on the internet, as they've seemed to grow more and more popular since I've stumbled across them a couple years ago. I actually (finally) snatched up one of these bad boys (it's en route to me as I type!) and I think I might be addicted. They're a bit pricey at $15, but the sayings are too good and a too fun addition to your keys.


I read about this design podcast on a blog roundup a few weeks ago and I can't seem to shake it! Created by two bloggers and friends, the dynamic duo interview designers about everything and anything design. This one seriously needs to be added to my podcast queue ASAP.

Colourpop Pressed Shadows

If you don't know about Colourpop, you must be living under a rock, because the cheap and cheerful makeup brand has infiltrated every area of the internet since it's arrival into the industry a few years ago. While they launched the brand on (frankly, weird) cream shadows that I don't get along with, last week they dropped pressed powder shadow options that we're all much more familiar with. I picked up four colors at only $5 a pop and could not be more excited to try them out!

What's on your radar right now?

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