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January Small Goals

Well, it's January-- and you know what that means: another round of small goals! This is one of my favorite series on the blog as it gives me a little extra purpose each month, so I'll be continuing with it this year. But anyways, here's how I did for the month of December.

1 / Continue to make my mental health a priority.

Win! Like I said last month, I'll spare you the details but this was a good one for me. I'm doing really well on this front and will keep this going throughout the rest of the year.

2 / See all the people I need to see.

Win! I had a great dinner with my future roommate, a fun night that ended eating cheesecake in my car with my dear friend I call my little sister, and had a great New Year's Eve party with my friends from high school. Happy I did this a got to see all my people! There's nothing better than that around the holidays.

3 / Figure out this whole blogging thing. 

Another win! I took an afternoon last week to majorly brainstorm and ended up planning out my editorial calendar for the entire month of January. My problem has always been keeping up with blogging and school, as well as staying motivated, so I think working ahead and knowing what's coming is going to majorly help for me. Here's to hoping things stick this way!

4 / Read a book. 

Fail. I don't know what my problem is, but I can't get around to reading! Maybe it's because I'm binge watching Grey's Anatomy...

December was a great month-- which is pretty exciting. The holidays are not my favorite time of year, so I'm happy I was able to make the best of the month in the ways that I could. Here's what I have planned for January:

1 / Read something.

I bought Domino and Marie Claire (I can't resist Gina Rodriguez) at the grocery store the other day and I also have a new graphic novel in my possession, in addition to the pile of home design books I got for Christmas. I have to read something!

2 / No fast food. 

I've tried this one in the past and failed, so I'd like to try again this month. It'll be hard with my return to school and my constant running between work and campus and everywhere in between, but hopefully I can make it work! My health and energy levels with thank me in the long run, I'm sure.

3 / Sell and donate all my old clothes.

New year, new wardrobe! I have a bunch of stuff left over from Poshmark and lots to just donate and I need to get it all out. I hope to do a major clear out of lots of things as I prepare to move out later in the year, so this is just one of the first steps!

I'm keeping it simple this month, so that's all for me! As always, I'm linking up with Nicole, on of my favorite bloggers.

I'm curious, what are your goals for the month?



  1. Congrats on prioritizing your mental health, that's such an awesome (and important) goal! And I always say I'm going to read at night, and then I put on old Grey's episodes instead, so I can totally relate to that plight! (It's getting bad, I know most of the patients' ailments and how they play out in seasons 1-5 ha!)

    1. That type of Grey's knowledge is amazing! Thanks for the comment


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