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February Small Goals

Happy February! This month flew by-- what an eventful one, right? Despite that, I'm back again with another month of small goals. Without further ado, here's how I did for January:

1 / Read something.

Win! I've been on a bit of a magazine kick, so I spent a bunch of time at the beginning of the month leafing through the pages of Domino, mostly-- I'm a little obsessed. I have a bunch more to read over the next few months, so I'm happy to have found easy, light reading to get me back into my bookworm ways.

I did also read a book for class: Gender and History by Susan Kingsley Kent. It's not necessarily the most accessible book for those outside of the classroom, but it's an incredibly interesting and smart take on gender through history and its affects on today. If you have any interest at all it's totally worth the read!

2 / No fast food.

I didn't complete this one to a T per say, but I've modified my eating habits enough this month to get at my goal with this one so I'm calling it a win. My fast food consumption has decreased dramatically and I'm working on cutting out dairy from my diet, so I'm making strides in the right direction!

3 / Sell and donate all my old clothes.

Win win win! I sent out a big bag of clothes to ThredUp and have another bag waiting in the wings. I decided to do their donation program, which takes my would-have-been earnings from pieces they list on the site and donates them to charity. It feels good to get things out of my room and into better homes.

All in all, January was a great month for goals! The new year always has me motivated and I think three is my sweet spot for goals. So-- here's what I have planned for February:

1 / Slow down my spending. 

I think we could all work on this, right? I have my moving out plans looming over my head and wishlists full of things I definitely do not need, so I'm hoping that by the end of the month I've slowed my roll on this front.

2 / Stay dairy free all month. 

Like I said above, a few weeks ago I eased into the dairy free world when I realized much of my stomach troubles were repercussions of cheese-- ha! I ventured back with a few slices of pizza last month and definately paid the price for it, so dairy free is looking to be my foreseeable future. It's for the best! I want to stay on this track for the rest of the month.

3 / Buy a suitcase.

I have some work travel planned for March and my suitcase is going on 5 years and it just not my style anymore. I'm looking at a bunch of options on Amazon as I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thank you so much for reading! As always, I'm linking up with Nicole for this one. Be sure to let know your goals for the month too.


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