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Skin Game Changers

Winter is very much upon us in the Northern hemisphere, so I'm sure you're feeling it in more than a few ways. One of the biggest tolls winter takes on our bodies is the hit to our skin, which at this point in the year might be looking a little dull. Enter these skin game changers: universal (so, good for any skin!), big impact products that are majorly worth the investment. I have four to share with you today, all tackling different concerns but all still totally helping your skin out.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

You've probably heard of this first product, as it's a blogger and beauty editor favorite-- with good reason. This oil is laced with a bit of retinoid (the over-the-counter, no downtime version of retinol) and loaded with goodness for your skin. Retinoids are great because they speed up your skin cells' renewal process, pushing dead skin out and making room for the new, better skin underneath. This kind of technology has merit for pretty much anyone, but especially for those with aging, acneic, hyperpigmented, or just generally dull skin! Use it at night alone on clean skin or pair it up with a moisturizer, but either way I promise you'll wake up with brighter, glowy skin.

Neogen Dermalogy Lemon Bio-Peel Gauze Pads

Exfoliation is (arguably) the most important thing you can do for your skin, especially if it's feeling pretty lacklustre this time of year. While I'm sure you're familiar with a good ol' fashioned scrub, there are other types of exfoliation that are just as impactful-- these peel pads being one option. These bad boys are chock full of loads of different types of acids, all that work to slough off surface level dead skin and let that pretty new skin shine through. The pad itself is super high quality and allows you to get a little manual exfoliation as well, as it is lightly textured. Too, these pads are cheap as chips and smell amazing-- for just $28 they are a great buy and safe for all skins (minus the uber sensitive).

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mask

At work, we love this mask for anyone looking to clear up acne or clean out their pores, as its mud content is super clarifying. However, despite it's seemingly stripping qualities, the mask's base is super hydrating, making this a great option for anyone, but especially for dry skins. While it looks like actual tar, the jar is huge and will last you a lifetime, making it worth the splurge. Pop this bad boy on any breakouts or blackheads for 15 minutes and rinse off for softer and clearer skin. It's a bit of a miracle worker.

CosRx Snail Essence

If there's just one product from these four that you should go out and buy, it's this one-- no lie. This sh*t is amazing and changed my skin. For those of you unfamiliar, CosRx is a korean brand that I pick up on Amazon and is truly the one brand I would choose if I was only allowed to use one brand for the rest of my life (Sorry, Sephora!). Reasonably priced with most items under $20 and fantastic formulations, it's a great brand to head to for any skincare needs.

That said, their essence is life changing. I know, I know, snails are kinda gross, but when they lead way to plumper, hydrated, glowy skin, it's easy to push that minor detail aside. Essence are kind of like a cross between a serum and a moisturizer and go in between those two steps in your routine. Mostly, this essence gives me another level of hydration and helps my skin look and feel happy, so I think it will for you too. I gotta say, just give it a shot! I think you'll like it.

Whew! That's it for me today-- these beauty posts are always a doozy, but I hope you learned something anyways.

I'm curious, what are your skin game changers?


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