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4 New Beauty Loves.

Between my work and my own personal obsession, I've tried a lot of beauty products. To say something is great means a lot coming from me-- at least I think so! Today I'm sharing four new beauty products I've been loving lately that I think you'll love too. Read on--

I hate foundation. Not because of the way it looks or feels, but rather because it is so impossible to find something that looks natural, wears well, and matches my skin. Pick 2 out of 3, or sometimes just 1. I'm sure you've been through similar base based (ha!) troubles, so when I picked up the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Weightless Foundation last month, I was floored by the results. I use a small amount to get light-medium coverage that looks completely like my skin. It lasts and lasts, even controlling my oil, and never looks heavy or emphasizes imperfections. I love this stuff-- I literally won't use anything else.

With new foundation comes new powder-- enter: Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder. I was looking for something translucent, blurring, and with a bit of oil control and this guy ticks all the boxes. The packaging is genius; it's sleek and deposits the perfect amount of product. I love how my skin looks with this and I rarely have to touch up throughout the day. Win!

I've experimented with a lot of brow products in my day and while I found great options for adding color to my brows, it's a struggle to find something that will hold them in place all day. I dislike crunchy gels and have had some success with pomades, but they often lack the hold I desire. Colourpop's Brow Boss is exactly the perfect balance of the two. Colorless and perfect for an bold brow loving gal, I swipe this through my arches post pencil and I'm good to go all day. Looove.

Lastly, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer has been a major game changer for me as of late. Liquid, full coverage concealers are everywhere now-a-days and many have passed through my vanity. I like a lot of formulations, but when I grabbed for this on whim the other day, I was so impressed with how smooth and hydrated my under eyes looked! Most concealers make even the most well-prepped eyes look crepe-y or dehydrated, but this $3 option does the opposite. I'm obsessed and totally recommend you grab a tube the next time you're grocery shopping.

What are you loving beauty wise right now?


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