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On My Radar / 1.3.2018.

On My Radar is a monthly collection of what's on my brain. Read more to see what I'm loving this January.


Have you heard Aly & AJ's new single? The sister duo is back and I'm obsessed.

I'll share more of my beauty loves soon, but this pomade from Colourpop is just as good as any higher end counterpart, at a sixteenth of the price.

Since getting my second holes in my ears last August, I've got the piercing bug for sure. That dainty rook piercing has my majorly swooning.

I've been on the hunt for a pair of patterned boots for year and this pair from Zara ticks all my boxes.

Dexter, my latest Netflix binge watch, has been serious captivating and different than I was anticipating! I'm about to finish the first season and am exciting to see what happens next.

Who What Wear (the best line at Target) has a ton of new arrivals this week. I'm obsessing over so many, especially this gorgeous military jacket.

My podcast taste is, as I lovingly call it, "Friends Talking to Each Other", so sweet Brits Jules and Sarah are totally my cup of tea. It's so fun to hear them gab about their hometowns and parents during my morning commute.

I recently fell in love with all of Saskia Diaz's pieces-- so simple and dreamy. Love that you can grab them on Net-a-Porter too-- their packaging is always the best!

My BF and I have already begun dreaming of our next weekend away, and Boston is at the top of our list. Dreamy!

Boston image via @brianmcw.


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