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This Week / 1.6.18.

After a freezing week in Chicago, I'm happy to enjoy a cozy weekend at home! Temps are expected to rise again next week, and let's just say that I'm stoked. I plan on spending my time away hanging with family and cleaning out my closet-- it needs to be done for sure. What will you be up to?

I'll see you Monday-- until then, here's what I loved this week.


If you're wanting to get into the design blog world, Emily's is the way to go. She shared her top 10 posts of 2017 this week, so it's time to get caught up!

This body scrub has a cult like following-- it's been added to my wishlist!

Ugly crying.

Wishing it was warm enough to wear this sweet look from Grasie. That dress is gorgeous.

How cute are these greeting cards?

Urban Outfitter's new arrivals are so, so good. I love this pretty top for date night (and beyond!).

Emma always kills it, this time in black and navy.

The leopard print booties of my dreams-- and they're on sale!

Oldie, but a goodie: words to omit from your vocabulary. I'm printing out that cheat sheet for my desk at work!

Love this sneaker round up.

Have you heard of Baggu? The original reusable bag, their designs are so fun and affordable. Dying to use this style to carry my lunch to work!

Pop of color.

Have a great weekend! And stay warm out there!



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