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My Favorite Podcasts.

I've never really been one for music.

Well, more so I'm just a person who isn't musically inclined, not, like, a psychopath who actually doesn't like music, like that girl in Spanish class my junior year of college. Our professor was having us go around and say our favorite genre and when it ended on her, she just blankly said: "I don't like music".

Of course that's not me! I love music. I love dancing to pop music and crying to sad indie music and driving to HAIM and going to concerts and the whole nine yards. But in my day to day life, music rarely hits my ears. Rather, I'm much more likely to have the constant babble of other humans running through my headphones. I think that's because I just love listening to other people talk and in a weird way, I feel less alone when the hum in the background is spoken word versus the strum of a guitar. I never played an instrument, I never learned how to read music, but I did learn how to talk-- and talk well-- hence my inclination.

That being said, I love podcasts. I mostly listen to a genre I call "Friends Talking About Whatever" because that's my favorite! As much as I love a very well produced show chock full of information, I love listening to friends shoot the shit while on my commute or lounging at home. Below are some of my favorites that you should absolutely check out.

Who? Weekly

I'm obsessed with this podcast. Buddies Lindsay and Bobby chat on "everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't"-- i.e. the D Listers who's names have passed the lips of your celebrity savvy coworker, despite the fact you have no idea who they are. Their twice weekly 'cast offers a break down of what this weeks "Who's" are up to and responsorial calls from their listeners. It's a dream come true for lovers of witty banter and all thing reality TV stars.


Friends Nicole and Matt invite a guest each week to open up their email inboxes-- and their hearts. By diving into what passes through their computer, the hosts find hilarious nuances in the mundane task of cleaning out an inbox. I love their "Email Roulette" segment and their ads on on point. What more could you want?!

A Bit Too Much

A newbie but a goodies, indie beauty YouTube queen and store owners ChelseaWears chats with her boyfriend, Ryan, about literally anything and everything. From bodily functions to murder to personal anecdotes, these two leave me laughing out loud on public transportation each week. If that isn't an endorcement, I don't know what is!

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

My final pick isn't as much of a "friendly" feature, but rather an incredible storytelling project. Nora had a lot of shit happen to her-- she lost her dad to cancer, only to lose her husband to the same horrible disease a few months later. Despite this, she's managed to grow a career out of allowing people to be honest with their struggles and their hardships-- hence the name. Each week, a guest shares their sad story. This one makes me laugh and cry. It is so so so good.

That's it for me. I am dying for your recommendation-- what are you listening to?


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