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On My Radar / 4.26.18

Happy Thursday! I love sharing recent finds and obsessions of mine, so here's what I've been lamenting on this month:

I know, I know-- you've seen a million woven bags over the past two summers. But have you ever seen a green woven bag? Thanks, Zara!

I'm not one for nail art, but this evil eye mani has me majorly swooning.

I tend to binge one huge show in the former half of the year (see Scrubs, Friends, and Grey's Anatomy of bingers past) and this year is no exception. Not sure why, but something drew to childhood favorite: 7th Heaven. I'm halfway through and living for the Camden drama. Lucy is my favorite (obviously!).

Always looking to add a pretty ring to my collection. Loving the personalization on this one.

I am so, so late to the game but, like, Kacey Musgraves?! High Horse has been on repeat these past two weeks and will be my ultimate jam of the summer.

Everlane's released have been no less than stellar this spring (I've got some white Cheeky Ankle's en route to me!), but I am still lusting after these classic flats.

Ever heard of AYR? The brand strives for quality classics you can wear "all year round" (get it?!) and I am seriously impressed with their new arrivals. I've been dying over this cute jacket at work and this striped option is at the top of my wishlist,

Blogger fave: Could I Have That. Loving Samantha's clean, classic looks as of late.

Trend come and go and so do our opinions on them! My ruffled annoyance of yesteryear is loooong gone and the girly frills are majorly on my mind.


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